New Monthly Black Belt Class

Post date: Feb 18, 2014 7:24:11 PM

Beginning on February 23rd at 3 pm, we will have our first dedicated Black Belt class*. This class will NOT replace our Friday night classes. Friday night classes for Brown and Black Belts will be structured to give the individual a good cardio workout as opposed to this class which will provide specific information for each Black Belt's needs. This class will meet the last Sunday of each month and will not be included at this time as part of your class counts. The class will be taught by various higher ranking Black Belts 4th Dan and above to be coordinated by Master Hammer initially. This class will be structured to give the Black Belts, 4th Dan and below specific time to work on each person's individual needs allowing them to grow in this martial art we all love. The following is a partial list of what may be covered at any given class;

  • Verification of what is to be taught at each colored belt level.
  • Black Belt Forms
  • Black Belt one-steps
  • Advanced Black Belt techniques
  • Breaking down forms to understand what techniques are accomplishing
  • Self Defense Curriculum
  • Advanced Self Defense
  • Board and concrete breaking
  • Free Sparring
  • Test leading
  • Test Judging

The time length of this class will be at the discretion of the instructor each month. Black Belts 4th Dan and above, please email Master Hammer as to which month you would be interested in teaching. First email received for a particular date will get that date. For this upcoming Sunday, Master Gonzalez has volunteered to teach moving us to March as the next available month.

* Starting March 2014, the monthly black belt class will be 2pm on the last Sunday of the month.