Mr. Wilwerding offering to lead a fitness class on July 4th

Post date: Jun 24, 2013 7:45:45 PM

Pleasant Hill black belts have decided to offer a special one time "fitness" class to provide an additional personal challenge and to change things up a bit for our students. Class will be lead by Mr. Wilwerding, is scheduled for July 4th at 7 AM at the Pleasant Hill dojang, and is anticipated to last about 80 minutes. A minimum of five people is desired to conduct the class to help keep the energy levels up. All participants need to bring a water bottle. Doboks are not needed since this is not a formal TKD class, but standard class etiquette is expected. A sign-up sheet is located in the Pleasant Hill dojang and participants should be 12 or older.

If you'd like to participate and are not able to sign-up at the PH dojang in person, please call Mr. Wilwerding at 412-0502. Phone numbers of all participants are needed in case sign-ups do not meet the minimum requirements and cancellations are needed (which will be decided the evening of Wed. July 3rd).

Planned activities include group kicking drills and the kick bag to increase cardio and floor ladders and benches for strength excercises.


-- Mr. Gerry Wilwerding