Kids Expo 2018

September 15th, Kid's Expo is taking place at the State Historical Building in East Village. The State Historical Building is located at 600 East Locust Street in Des Moines. The Kids Expo is a really cool event which opens up all the educational and recreational opportunities for kids in the greater metro area. There are booths available for all sorts of different kinds of programs for kids.

Why is this important??

TRMA will have a booth at the Kids Expo for TRMA. (Thanks to Ms. Morgan's mom, Dawn, for this!)

What's that mean?

  • We will have a booth at Kids Expo representing all branches of TRMA. I've got plans for some handouts highlighting our school as well as a banner. Additionally, I'll have a signup sheet for prospective students. I also will have a variety of boards/etc for kids to "try it out". I NEED ONE OR TWO OTHER ADULTS AND POSSIBLY A COUPLE COLORED BELTS TO HELP OUT AT THIS BOOTH. Setup for the booth will start at 9:30 on Saturday. The EXPO runs from 11-3.
  • We also have a demo scheduled during the EXPO. It's scheduled to start and can run from 12:30 to 1 or 1:30- as much time as we need. I'll volunteer to take charge of the taekwondo demo. I'll have a variety of boards available for the tkd demo. WHAT WE NEED ARE DEMO PARTICIPANTS!! Please volunteer. Demo participants need to be at the Historical Building at noon.

Contact your instructor with questions or to volunteer, or use the contact page.

Pil Sung!

Master Roger Netsch