Martial Spirit class time change

Post date: Jul 21, 2014 3:50:15 PM

NEW: SUNDAYS 9:30--11:15AM, (I will be there at 9AM for extra work.) EFFECTIVE July 26.


I have offered this practice for many years now and this has involved every Saturday. I am intensifying some of my yoga practice and also Zen practice and this will allow accessing some resources particularly in yoga.

Saturdays have often limited attendance due to many activities on Saturday. This change will affect some, and so we will see how it goes.

I hope to "preserve" the Sat AM time for awhile, with the possibility that Black Belts Jeff Harris and/or Alex Gilfanov might offer some practices, tweaking what we regularly do toward their own interests. if this happened, it might not be every Saturday. They are thinking about it but there are always issues such as confusion as to whether there is a practice on a particular Sat or not. If we do not use it, I would suspect that the time might be used for TKD purposes at some point, and that is OK if that occurs.

Mr. Lance Kinseth